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Sooner Flight Academy Campers Take to the Sky

  The Sooner Flight Academy has been in full-swing this summer with a host of campers at Max Westheimer Airport, exploring the exciting fields of aerospace and aviation….

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OULI Concludes Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Course

The University of Oklahoma Lean Institute certified five students in the Six Sigma Black Belt course July. The Lean Institute Six Sigma courses teach process improvement and organizational…

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Student Profiles

Akili Atkinson, CLS Class of 2014

Akili Atkinson: How to Eat an Elephant

Monday morning at 5:30, Akili Atkinson’s alarm starts beeping. She gets up and heads out the door to be at work by 8. At 4:30, she heads to…

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Staff Profiles


Lean, Green Marc Machine

“I just got through writing a book about garbage,” said the bearded man with a smile, sitting on his Pilates ball at his desk, like Dwight Schrute from…

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