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Busy as can be!

Outreach Employees Stay Sweet for School Supplies: A Staff Member’s Perspective

I have worked for OU Outreach for four years. As I have gotten to know more of my fellow employees, I have learned that everyone in the Outreach…

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News and Events

okie derb 14 k

Clean Sweep for Flying Sooners

For the first time, every representative of Outreach’s 2014 Flying Sooner team won an award at the 36th annual Okie Derby at Sundance Oklahoma City Airport this month….

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Student Profiles

Akili Atkinson, CLS Class of 2014

Akili Atkinson: How to Eat an Elephant

Monday morning at 5:30, Akili Atkinson’s alarm starts beeping. She gets up and heads out the door to be at work by 8. At 4:30, she heads to…

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Staff Profiles


Going the Extra Mile: Kyle Lankford

Local artist, attorney and graduate from OU Law, home-improvement guru, Thunder season tickets owner and communications coordinator and tech team leader for Outreach’s Central and South Central Comprehensive…

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